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Established in 1986, Xincheng Industrial Group has developed into a large-scale private-owned corporation with the capital amount of more than RMB 80million and the annual sales of over 100 million during the last 20 decades. Enjoying a higher business reputation and popularity, the corporation was entitled ¡°Enterprise strictly abided by contracts & credit¡± by Taizhou Business Administration Bureau continuously. Meanwhile, it was issued ¡°Pioneer Private-owned Corporation¡±, ¡°Recommended Company¡±, ¡°Fiduciary Loan Taker¡± by Xinghua City government. Now a member of Xinghua Confederation of Trade Unions and Xinghua General Chamber of Commerce, it is honored AAA Credibility Corporation by Jiangsu Province.
Branch companies:  Taizhou Xincheng Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd.
                                     Xinghua Xincheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
                                     Xinghua Giant Dragon Plant Carbon Factory
                                     Xinghua Xincheng Waterworks
                                     Xinghua Lewu Experimental School
                                     Furong Foreign Language Experimental School
Founded in the year of 2000, Taizhou Xincheng Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of water filter cartridges which integrates research & development, design and manufacture. After years of development, the goal of large-scale production has been achieved. Besides, the advanced computerized production equipment, inspection device and the adoption of ISO9001 certification have won great reputation for the corporation, which was recently entitled to the ¡°High quality supplier for water filtration accessories¡± in 2014 China Industrial Water Brand Event. 
The main products are: string wound filter cartridge, PP melt blown filter cartridge, carbon block filter cartridge, granular carbon filter cartridge, carbon fiber filter cartridge, pleated filter cartridge, double-colored filter housing, polypropylene yarn (gas spun and ring spun), all kinds of cores and end covers, etc.
The main products have passed the certification of SGS, meeting the requirements of FDA, among which the string wound filter cartridge and PP melt blown filter cartridge have passed the NSF certification.
Taizhou Xincheng Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. has become more and more popular and the designated supplier for a lot of internationally famous companies.
As a professional manufacturer of filter products, we have the following advantages:
a)    high output (10 million cartridges per year)
b)    prompt delivery (able to deliver an order of 10,000 cartridges within 2 days)
c)    excellent quality( equipped with computerized production equipment)
d)    competitive price (factory direct sales)
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