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Filter cotton and biochemical cotton qualitative differences
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Coarse efficiency air filtration industry applications:

Coarse efficiency air filter is generally used for ventilation and air suction entrance control system as a pre filter or coarse filtration and direct contact with the outside air;

Is suitable for various industrial applications, such as coating, prevent and control pollution, public works, air-conditioning, electronics, pharmaceutical, food industry, etc.

Coarse efficiency filter by heightening polyester fiber density of cotton carding web hot air produced by obtaining the EN779 resistance to humidity 100% r.F. washable anti temperature reached 80 ℃ / 176 f, nonflammability, automatic extinguishing DIN53438 flame retardant standard: F1 filter object or 5 microns particles and foreign body.

G2 coarse efficiency air filter cotton product description:

1, G2 coarse filter cotton main greater than 5 microns dust particles;

2, G2 coarse filter cotton with high performance, high strength increasing synthetic fibre structure and processing;

3, bulk densities, high dust content and the characteristics of low resistance, flame retardancy is strong;

4, long service life and can be used repeatedly after cleaning, economical and practical;

5, 100 ℃ can heat resistance;

6, fire classification standard European DIN53438 UL900 F1 and the United States - CLASS 1;

7, paper box and a metal used to plate more early effect filter, can clean plate filter, filter paper box, bag early efficient filter and other filter filter material.


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